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Debal Sen Artwork Trust Mission Statement

Debal Sen Art Work Trust is a non-profit organisation set up in 2019. The focus of the Trust is `Environmental Sustainability’, a key issue that is high on the agenda of environmentally-conscious industry leaders. The Trust manages and controls Debal Sen’s repertoire of a significantly huge collection of limited edition prints of nature and wildlife images, art books, the lectures and presentations done globally on the natural world and the wilderness. 


Over the past half a century, Sen, an internationally acclaimed photographer based out of India, has explored the natural world in the Indian subcontinent, the African savannah and the US. He has relentlessly pursued the mystic of nature in its various manifestations and captured the images of the Edens - that gradually melted away - for posterity. Deforestation, man animal conflicts and more importantly a people’s disconnection from the natural world have all contributed to the devastation of this heritage.


The single most important purpose of the Trust is conservation of nature and wildlife. The Trust is particularly interested in reaching the message on conservation to the world, so that people can experience these magical places and begin to understand what they stand to lose. Efforts at conservation can only come with the realisation or understanding of this impending loss. 


Towards this objective, it aims to make Sen’s work visible and available within India and internationally. In order to do this, the Trust seeks to collaborate with corporates and spread awareness on the kinship in the natural world, of which we are a part.


You will agree that we owe it to our future generations to bequeath to them a greener planet. 

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