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Valhalla in Nordic legend is the mythical paradise where heroes who have fallen in battle find redemption and everlasting peace. Modern man’s control and exploitation of the natural world have sent our heroes of the natural world, the trees, the forests and its creatures, to the Valhalla of the Norse legend, an alternate reality, which is their final resting place. Valhalla – Memories of an Ancient Eden, compiled in two volumes in pure black and white or tinted monochrome photographs, takes the viewer to a world which is timeless and ageless. A bamboo glade where the tiger reposed, a limpid pool where the deer drank, the cloud forests of the gibbons, the grasslands of the herds weave a tapestry of the vanished Eden. A meaningful text accompanies the images complementing them in their evocation of a world which we have lost

Valhalla Vol. 2 E-Book

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