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This volume, entitled Himvant – The Realms of Devi, is the first of a trilogy of books on the Indian himalayas. The central focus in this volume is the sacred mountain Nanda Devi, the goddess of bliss and ecstasy, an avatar of Durga and a manifestation of Parvati, consort of Shiva. The peaks standing within, or at the periphery of the Nanda Devi sanctuary, are covered extensively. The other sacred mountains, which feature prominently in this volume, are the peaks in the Gangotri region and those around the Bhyunder valley, the famed Valley of Flowers. The snow ranges of Kedarnath and the Mandakini valley, although featured in Panch Kedar, are presented here again along with the mountain ranges of Kumaon, especially the Panchachuli group. The peaks depicted here in varied nuances of light and alpenglow are collected over a period of 45 years.

Himvant - The Realms Of Devi E-Book

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