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Shores, the great divide between land and water or as the author says, the conscious and the superconscious, the fine line which separates the waking nstate from the awakened dream. But then again for artists visions are as much a part of waking consciousness as is the dream state, for him there are no 'shores'.


The images presented here were garnered over a period of three decades. They took me from the high altitude lakes of Ladakh, to the glacial rivers of the high Himalayas, onto the lakes, rivers and wetlands of the baking plains of central India, across the puddles and pools of the great mangrove swamps of Orissa, West Bengal and the Andaman islands to culminate in the varied coastline of the subcontinent.


These shores extend from the edge of a dedrop to the edge of the sea - between music and silence, between colour and white.


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